Esther’s Children

Esther's ChildrenEvery year our clinic donates dental supplies to Dianne Dietrich that does missionary work with Esther’s Children! We donate dental hygiene supplies to (toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss). Dianne has done this missionary work in Brazil, South Africa and Equador. They are amazing!

Her latest mission (pictured above) was in Recife Brazil at Esther’s Children. This is a program for At Risk Girls for Drug and Sex Trafficking. They are helping to give these girls a fighting chance in life. For more information visit the website here.

Dianne says they share their life stories with the girls and messages from the Bible, basically she said we” just love on them, provide nutritious meals and show them that they deserve a good life” and through this love and education that they deserve to be loved. Dianne said they did so many cool things for  and with the girls. They even had people donate purses that were filled with all kinds of goodies, but she said “Can you believe the one thing that those girls got most excited about was the day we provided them with an ice cream party for dessert! They were literally jumping up and down with excitement!”