Tips For Keeping Your Mouthguard Clean

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If you are using a mouthguard to protect your teeth while participating in sports or to help prevent teeth grinding at night, good job! You’re taking an active role in helping to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Now that you’ve established this good habit, it’s also important to make sure you’re properly cleaning and…

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Don’t Take A Vacation From Good Dental Care


Summertime and vacations, the two go hand-in-hand. But just because you have plans to to enjoy a relaxing vacation or exciting adventure doesn’t mean you can forget about your dental care. Thinking ahead can go a long way in keeping your health on track while you’re out of town. Have Toothbrush, Will Travel Packing for…

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Make New Year’s Dental Resolutions For 2022!

Out with the old, in with the new! January offers us a fresh beginning so what better time to make your New Year’s Dental Resolutions to start or maintain healthy habits in the year ahead! Take It Easy A softer touch is best when it comes to dental care. Gentle brushing helps clean your teeth…

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Caring For Your Toothbrush – Our Favorite Dental Tool

caring for your toothbrush

The toothbrush – simple in design, cost-effective, accessible and user -friendly. We thought we’d show a little love this week to this commonplace dental health tool that we all turn to every day. Caring for your toothbrush is simple and goes a long way in supporting your dental health. Caring For Your Toothbrush A little…

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Make Oral Healthcare Fun For Kids

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Caring for our health is a vital part of our well-being – taking care of yourself is an important lesson for children to learn at an early age. By making oral health care fun from the start, you can support your child in creating good habits that will last a lifetime. Healthy teeth and gums…

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Don’t Take A Holiday From Caring For Your Teeth

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With long holiday weekends on the horizon and vacations slowly starting to fill calendars, it’s important to remember to pack your good dental habits with you this summer! Keep Your Regular Dental Schedule Have toothbrush, will travel! Just because you may not be at home doesn’t mean you can’t keep the same dental routines you…

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Ring In The New Year With A New Toothbrush

family dentist, caring for your toothbrush, rochester hills, old toothbrush

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind.” Well, if we’re being honest, if your toothbrush is an “auld” acquaintance, we think you need these tips more than you know! This New Year’s Day start things off by ringing in the new year with a new toothbrush! When It’s Time To Change The…

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Caring For Your Child’s Baby Teeth

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New parents love all of those baby “firsts” – a welcome first smile, a sweet gurgling first laugh, and a tiny first tooth! From the initial appearance of that very first tooth to all the baby teeth that will pop up over the next few years, you will want to support your child by teaching…

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