Don’t Rush, Teach Kids To Brush!

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February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Brush up on good dental habits in your children right from the start to support a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth. So don’t rush, teach kids to brush! Chart Your Progress Looking for a little inspiration to make twice daily brushing a part of your child’s routine? Print…

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6 Tips for Brushing Your Teeth Like the Pros

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You’ve been doing it your whole life so of course you know what you’re doing, right? Up and down, back and forth – nothing to it. We’re talking about brushing your teeth and, just because even the youngest kids can do it, doesn’t mean you can’t still pick up a few pointers at any age.…

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How to Refrain from Coffee Stains!

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Coffee. 62% of Americans reach for a cup of coffee in to start the day. But along with the extra pick me-up a cup of coffee can provide, it can also have an unfortunate side effect – stained teeth. Everyone’s teeth are different so some coffee drinkers may experience more staining than others who drinks twice the…

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Keeping Tooth Decay at Bay

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With so many things in life, the best defense is a good offense. Preventative health measures are so important in warding off health concerns. By being proactive in your health care, you can very often avoid problems on the horizon. This is as true for your dental health as it is for your overall physical…

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Caring for Baby’s Teeth

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There are so many “firsts” with a new baby that sometimes it’s hard to keep track – first smile, first laugh, first tooth. With all those firsts coming so fast at new parents, knowing when to first start caring for baby’s dental health is important and may come sooner than most realize. When To Start Caring…

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Brrr, That’s Cold!

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As the snow falls and the temperatures freeze, we bundle up and do our best to stay warm. But what if that cold winter breeze causes a jolt of pain when inhaled and hitting your teeth? Or you sip on a chilled drink at a holiday party and you flinch in pain? It means you might…

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Festive Treats & Healthy Teeth

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We’re in the thick of it now – the holiday season is here!  It’s such a busy time of year with so much we need to do and so much we want to enjoy, it’s easy to let some of our usually healthy habits fade a bit during the holidays. Even with so many festive treats to…

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Oral Health – The Big Picture

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We sometimes forget when we visit different health care providers that our health is based on a holistic picture – what we do for one part of us can affect another, either for the good or bad. The condition of our oral health is strongly tied to our overall wellness. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory…

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Rushing? Make Time for Brushing!

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Brushing your teeth should be as much a part of your daily routine as having breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We may sometimes forget how important this daily activity is for our dental and overall physical health but, if you make certain to take care of them, you’re helping to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth.…

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