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Teething Symptoms & Soothing Baby’s Discomfort

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It’s a word that often strikes fear in the heart of new parents. Teething. It’s an uncomfortable phase that each baby experiences differently. There are certain signs of teething to look out for to help guide you in providing extra comfort during your baby’s teething process. When Do Babies Start Teething? The usual age for…

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Caring For Baby’s Teeth Right From The Start

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Your baby’s teeth may be temporary but they are an important part of your child’s dental development. Even before those cute little teeth have broken through, they require tender loving care to support good gum and dental health. Caring For Baby’s Teeth Babies and young children can have tooth decay just like the rest of…

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Caring For Your Child’s Baby Teeth

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New parents love all of those baby “firsts” – a welcome first smile, a sweet gurgling first laugh, and a tiny first tooth! From the initial appearance of that very first tooth to all the baby teeth that will pop up over the next few years, you will want to support your child by teaching…

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Baby’s Dental Care Starts Early

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A baby’s first tooth is often met by much excitement, tons of photographs and oftentimes relief after many sleepless, cranky nights. After the fanfare dies down, it’s important to remember that from the moment that first little tooth pops through, your baby’s teeth are at risk for tooth decay. Caring for Your Babies Teeth Before…

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Make Your Child’s Next Dentist Visit a Breeze!

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New experiences can often bring about a combination of apprehension, excitement and even anxiety for many of us.  When scheduling your child’s first visit with us or even their six-month dental check-up, preparation goes a long way in helping to alleviate any fear your little one may have at their appointment. Consider these steps to help set…

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