Delta Dental Insurance for General Motors


Dental Services for General Motors, Covered by Delta Dental

Mansour, DDS provides many dental services covered by your insurance in Rochester Hills, Michigan for General Motors through Delta Dental. We specialize in personal attention, a gentle approach in dentistry and continuous care. We take great pride in making sure that all of your dental care and services are focused on YOU and your individual needs through each stage of your life.

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General Motors Dental Services Covered By Delta Dental*

Preventative Care

Exams are covered twice a year and are usually part of your regular 6 month checkup and cleaning, if you need an emergency exam it may take away from this benefit depending on the situation. Checkup x-rays (aka Bitewings) are covered every 24months, and full set/Panorex x-rays are covered every 5yrs.

Dental Cleanings

Your Delta Dental policy covers 2 regular dental cleanings each year. For those that have history of periodontal disease you can have 3 cleanings a year. If you have recently had a deep cleaning your policy will pay for a forth cleaning for the first two years following the deep cleaning (aka Scaling and Root Planning).

Cavity Fillings

Most insurance policies use a downgraded fee for tooth colored fillings, which means the patient would be responsible for the difference, which could cost the patient almost twice as much. Most plans with GM do not downgrade tooth colored fillings, the plan pays them like any other basic restorative service.


Based on what plan you have chosen with General Motors a crown could be covered up to 90%!


Most insurance policies will say “NO WAY” to paying for veneers. With your GM Delta Dental Insurance plan veneers are a covered benefit if one of these conditions apply:

  • Severe tetracycline staining
  • Severe fluorosis
  • Hereditary opalescent dentin
  • Amelogenesis imperfect

Laser Biostimulation

Lasers used during periodontal deep cleanings have shown great success in slowing or stopping periodontal advancements in your mouth. Your Delta Dental policy does not provide benefits for this service at this time.

Orthodontics “Braces”

Did you know that Traditional Braces and Invisalign are a covered benefit under your insurance plan? Most plans through General Motors only cover orthodontics up to 19 years of age. Call today to schedule your free orthodontic evaluation!

Teeth Whitening

Our office offers various teeth whitening systems like whitening strips, customs tray systems, and chairside whitening sessions such as GLO & ZOOM. Unfortunate your policy deems this as a cosmetic procedure and not a necessity so it not covered under your plan.
If you have any additional questions regarding your policy and what it covers, please call our clinic and we would be happy to answer them for you!

*Insurance coverage may vary depending on site and position.  Call us to verify. 

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