Laser Decontamination

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If dental procedures frighten you, you’ll love laser dentistry! Whether you need a simple filling, laser decontamination, root canal therapy or a crown procedure, our laser will do the job with precision accuracy. Lasers can also be used for periodontal care and reshaping the gumline.

Laser Pocket Decontamination

Advances in dental laser technology can treat periodontal disease and sometimes help to avoid surgery. Periodontal disease is the destruction of the periodontal ligament and surrounding bone around the tooth from toxins which bacteria emit. Our body naturally tries to fight the infection which leads to inflammation throughout our mouth and more advanced destruction.

After the removal of plaque and deposits we insert the precise dental laser beam into the periodontal pocket which destroys the bacteria in the periodontal pocket (called decontamination) and reduces inflammation (this is the biological effect of lasers). The laser beam removes aggressive bacteria (germs) and sterilizes the periodontal pocket promoting healing.

Clinical studies show that the biological effects of laser therapy considerably improve the chance of recovery from periodontal disease.