Benefits of Digital X-Rays

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The level of care you receive when you have an appointment with us is our top priority. To that end, we use digital x-rays as they provide a safer and more efficient way for us to monitor your teeth for decay and any signs of concern.

IMG_0538Safety is an important part of our patient care.  The amount of exposure present when having standard dental x-rays performed is a minor portion of our overall radiation exposure.  And digital x-rays emit an even lower level of radiation than standard film x-rays.

Efficiency is also important in health care. Digital x-rays can be saved directly to a computer, which allows the dentist and hygienist to focus and zoom in on any areas of concern as well as easily share the x-rays if another specialist’s opinions are required.  This avoids the necessity of duplicate x-rays, resulting in a time and cost-savings.

If you have any questions on digital x-rays, contact our office at 248-852-3130 and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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