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Caring For Your Baby’s Teeth

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The eagerly awaited first tooth arrives! Such an exciting time for new parents. That first tooth usually appears between the ages of six months to one-year old. Over the first three years of your baby’s life, a full set of 20 primary tooth will usually erupt starting with the top and bottom front of their…

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Quick Response Is Key To Handling Dental Emergencies

dental emergencies, dental pain, toothache, cracked tooth, family dentist

Knowing what to do in an emergency is key. Although you can’t anticipate every issue that may arise, knowing some helpful tips for handling dental emergencies in the moment can potentially avoid tooth loss, pain, and worry. Here are some common dental emergencies and how to deal with them. Cracked Tooth Immediately clean your mouth…

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Teething Symptoms & Soothing Baby’s Discomfort

teething symptoms, teething, baby teeth, rochester hills, family dentist, pediatric dentistry

It’s a word that often strikes fear in the heart of new parents. Teething. It’s an uncomfortable phase that each baby experiences differently. There are certain signs of teething to look out for to help guide you in providing extra comfort during your baby’s teething process. When Do Babies Start Teething? The usual age for…

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Thumb Sucking & Your Child’s Teeth

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When kids are little, they try to put pretty much everything in their mouths. At a young age, it’s just another way for them to explore and make sense of their world. Whether it be a chunky block, a pacifier, or a very handy thumb, sucking on something is an effective and easy way for…

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Caring For Your Child’s Baby Teeth

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New parents love all of those baby “firsts” – a welcome first smile, a sweet gurgling first laugh, and a tiny first tooth! From the initial appearance of that very first tooth to all the baby teeth that will pop up over the next few years, you will want to support your child by teaching…

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Baby Teeth Need Love Too!

pediatric dentistry, tooth brushing, family dentistry, rochester hills

Getting started off on the right path to healthy teeth starts young! Generally, teeth begin appearing at six months of age. Brushing for children younger than three years of age can begin when teeth begin to appear, either using a clean cloth or a brush with just a small smear of fluoride toothpaste. As with adults, brushing in…

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Baby’s Dental Care Starts Early

toothbrushing, pediatric dentistry, family dentist, rochester hills, oakland county, dentist

A baby’s first tooth is often met by much excitement, tons of photographs and oftentimes relief after many sleepless, cranky nights. After the fanfare dies down, it’s important to remember that from the moment that first little tooth pops through, your baby’s teeth are at risk for tooth decay. Caring for Your Babies Teeth Before…

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Caring for Baby’s Teeth

rochester hills, family dentist, pediatric dentist, baby teeth

There are so many “firsts” with a new baby that sometimes it’s hard to keep track – first smile, first laugh, first tooth. With all those firsts coming so fast at new parents, knowing when to first start caring for baby’s dental health is important and may come sooner than most realize. When To Start Caring…

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When Will the Tooth Fairy Come? (a.k.a. Teeth Eruption Charts)

rochester hills, family dentist, pediatric dentist, baby teeth

The appearance of baby’s first tooth, often a highly anticipated and important milestone in our children’s young lives. The excitement over that very first tooth is quickly followed by other baby teeth and the dreaded stage of childhood dental development loosely called “teething”- ouch! Pink cheeks, tender gums and so many remedies out there to help soothe…

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