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Make New Year’s Dental Resolutions For 2022!

Out with the old, in with the new! January offers us a fresh beginning so what better time to make your New Year’s Dental Resolutions to start or maintain healthy habits in the year ahead! Take It Easy A softer touch is best when it comes to dental care. Gentle brushing helps clean your teeth…

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Caring For Kids’ Teeth Can Be Fun!

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Good dental habits start early. Parents play a key role in supporting their children’s dental habits. From gently cleaning baby gums, to teaching how to properly brush and floss, and making sure to keep routine dental check-ups, parents are a child’s first and best example of how to establish good routines and self-care. It’s important…

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Keeping On Schedule With Health Routines

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As we look toward the fall and what is normally the traditional back to school time, we know our usual routines will be different this year. Perhaps sports are on hold, classes are online, and we ourselves as parents are working remotely while trying to manage our homes and our children’s learning. It’s a lot.…

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Make Brushing Part Of Daily School Routine

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As we get our kids ready to head back to school, what better time to make sure brushing and flossing are part of our daily routine! So round up the little ones and share these sweet tunes to help get them singing and brushing – a great way to support good habits while having a…

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My Country ‘Tis of… Teeth!

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Wondering where you stack up against your fellow Americans when it comes to dental care? Well, help us celebrate healthy teeth this holiday and year-round by enjoying these patriotic dental facts courtesy of Delta Dental. Nearly seven out of 10 Americans brush their teeth at least twice a day but more than 30 percent aren’t brushing…

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6 Tips for Brushing Your Teeth Like the Pros

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You’ve been doing it your whole life so of course you know what you’re doing, right? Up and down, back and forth – nothing to it. We’re talking about brushing your teeth and, just because even the youngest kids can do it, doesn’t mean you can’t still pick up a few pointers at any age.…

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