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October is National Dental Hygiene Month

national dental hygiene month

October is National Dental Hygiene Month! What better time to get your dental routine back on track than as fall gears up and schedules are in place. So if you haven’t been giving enough love to your mouth, teeth, and gum health lately, don’t despair. Although daily hygiene supports oral health best, it’s never too late…

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Don’t Take A Holiday From Caring For Your Teeth

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With long holiday weekends on the horizon and vacations slowly starting to fill calendars, it’s important to remember to pack your good dental habits with you this summer! Keep Your Regular Dental Schedule Have toothbrush, will travel! Just because you may not be at home doesn’t mean you can’t keep the same dental routines you…

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5 Steps To A Flawless Floss

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Although we recommend flossing at least once daily, we also want to remind you that it’s just as important to floss correctly. So resolve to support your dental health during this time at home and follow these five steps for a flawless floss experience, courtesy of the American Dental Association! Break off about 18 inches…

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