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Know The Four Main Parts Of Your Teeth

anatomy, four main parts of your teeth, family dentist

Did you know there are four main parts of your teeth? Let us help shed a little light on the anatomy of this most important dental tool. MAIN PARTS OF YOUR TEETH Hard Tissue of the Tooth Enamel The hard calcified tissue on the surface of your teeth is called enamel. It protects the dentin…

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Sugarless Gum – Some Facts To Chew On

sugarless gum, family dentist

Chewing gum. Some say it helps us concentrate, some just love the flavor and blowing bubbles. But if you’re concerned that gum can affect the health of your teeth, let us pop that sugarless gum bubble! Sugarless Gum For The Win Studies have shown chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes following a meal can help prevent…

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