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Teeth Grinding & Dental Symptoms Of Stress

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Stress and anxiety. Sometimes it’s hard to escape this troublesome duo and their ill effects on our health. In a September 2020 report, the ADA Health Policy Institute found that more than half of dentists surveyed saw an increase of patients with dental conditions often associated with stress. Dental Side Effects Of Stress Stress can…

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Stop The Daily Grind & Help Your Teeth

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Stress. We’ve all been dealing a lot of changes this year – working from home and the challenges that come with it, disrupted schedules and routines, less time with family and friends. Some may say just “grind” your teeth and bear it but not us! Bruxism is the name for the condition of teeth grinding…

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Many people experience stress in their lives. Constantly rushing from event to event, appointment to appointment, without taking a moment to slow down can have unhealthy consequences for not only our mental health but also our physical health. It can even manifest itself in grinding our teeth. Stress, Stress, Everywhere Bruxism is the often unconscious…

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