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Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day – August 22nd!

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National Tooth Fairy Day is August 22nd. If you have young children at home, you know that losing a baby tooth is a very big deal! Whether it’s the anticipation of waiting for that first wiggly tooth to fall out or the mesmerizing tenacity of that fourth or fifth tooth that just – does –…

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Happy Tooth Fairy Day!

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“My tooth is loose!” Such excitement and anticipation in that one phrase. Not only does it mean that your child is growing and reaching new milestones but it also means that a visit from that elusive but firmly believed sprite, the Tooth Fairy, is coming soon! And what better day to get ready than on…

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Tooth Fairy Tales

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Ah, the magical being who spirits away children’s teeth, gently sliding them out from under sleeping little heads and leaving a gold coin, a dollar or a small little trinket in its place as payment. Many of us probably received visits from this nocturnal being as children and have turned around and carried on the tradition…

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Valentine, You’re Tooth-riffic!

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February is Children’s Dental Health Month and what better time to show those little chompers some love! Whether you want to leave a sweet message to encourage bedtime brushing or save for the Tooth Fairy to leave a little something extra under the pillow during her next fly-by, these cute little notes will bring a toothy…

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