Last Thursday, I literally dropped in right before the holiday after a losing 3-day battle with a tiny piece of food wedged between my tooth and gum line. The tissue around my tooth was very irritated, swollen, and painful to touch–even with my tongue. I didn’t want to spend the long weekend worrying that it would become infected, so I called to relay my issue and was told to come right in.  Dr. Mansour, who is a FANTASTIC dentist, was away at the time but Patti was able to see me. Within 10 minutes of being in the office, I was treated and relieved to have gotten in on such short notice. Patti was gentle with her tools, and did a wonderful job describing what had happened at the gum line, carefully flossing afterwards, and instructing me about aftercare. It has been several days since, and my mouth feels perfectly normal! My experience was quite minimal compared to what the office probably normally deals with, but for me, it was such a relief. THANK YOU!
Machelle H.,